angie shwanker (teenagemistakes) wrote,
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WELL as u can see i havent posted in FOREVER!!! well i missed this thing to be honest....but MYSPACE took control of me haha well anywho..hmm just sitting here being sick and brused...and being im a poet and i didnt know it..okay blahblah enough jibber jabber just doing this to remind u all that I AM BACK!!! woot woot now we can party oh yeah....
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  • 3 comments you didn't die,lol.

what's your myspace,link I guess?
I gave into the hype and got one...I'm still not seeing why it's so grand haha
haha nope i nothing to grand about it at all...its just i duno addicting somehow...heres my link though

crack...and beer :)

o my... ash! hasen't anyone ever told u that u can do BOTH livejournal and myspace! ya! be a internet slut like me! just get down and dirty with all the cites... lmao XoXo