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im so stupid....well i really started to like this guy..uhmm making up a new name for him..and yeah well hmm his name is "fred". and it sucks because i had alot of fun with him he says the nicest things i love the way he talks to me....and i did something with him...not sex but! still...i came home happy adn shit forgetting i have a hickie!!! yeah hmm i was dissapointed in myself..well my mom saw got a little angry but in the end she was okay just dosent want to see anymore..she even asked if he was cute!! i cant believe her ahha shes crazy..well fact is he dosnet like me like that...seemed like he did!! but oh crap with my luck it will never happen...i wish it could cause i would never want to hurt him...but what can i an IDIOT! grrr i never thought he would be a guy to do..well lead on a girl..well i dont know do stuff with a girl who he had no feelings for...damnit!

- signed with <3 love from IDIOT!
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